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Symbiotic Consulting Services Limited is an independent cyber security consultancy company, based in Maidstone, run by the accredited information security professional, Dr. Tony Palmer.

Dr Tony Palmer founded Symbiotic Consulting Services Limited in February 2005. Symbiotic Consulting Services draws on Dr Palmer’s work as a digital identity security consultant working at NatWest/RBS and the Payments Council (now Payments UK). Capitalising on this experience, Symbiotic Consulting Services has been engaged on assignments involving passport issuing authorities, border control authorities, banks, insurance corporations, a pharmaceutical regulator and many mid-sized organisations that require independent expertise to ensure that business requirements are fulfilled by technology suppliers’ solutions.

His key personal contributions to the field include:

British and International Standards Contributions

Dr. Palmer has contributed towards a variety of UK and International standards on digital identification protocols, including:
• British Standards Institute (BSI) security techniques (IST33/WG5 identity management);
• ISO21188 PKI for financial services/practices and policy framework;
• ISO/IEC 14516 guidelines for the trust and management of PKI trust service providers; and
• ISO/IEC 24760 identity management

Accredited Professional

Dr. Palmer has professional accreditation from a range of professional organisations, including:
• The British Computer Society; and
• The Institute of Information Security Professionals (Membership Number 110931)

Cyber Security Research

Dr. Palmer completed his Ph.D. research under the supervision of Prof. Kenny Paterson in the Information Security Group at Royal Holloway, University of London in 2015. His main area of research involved investigating the approaches pursued by organisations’ programme teams to introduce biometric identification and also authentication systems. He used the case study research methodology to identify proficiencies and deficiencies of approaches adopted by three programmes.

The first case study related to an EU State’s introduction of a national eID card. The second case study related to the introduction of eGates for passenger identification at border control crossings in an EU State’s airports. The third case study related to the introduction of a two-factor authentication factor capability for an insurance corporation in Asia.

Dr Palmer created a systematic methodology (and the supporting eIDEAS tool) to enable organisations to select the optimal two-factor authentication solution from a range of suppler offerings. Dr Palmer uses his empirically validated methodology and the eIDEAS decision support tool in his digital identity security assignments. The eIDEAS tool is also used by other consultants engaged in programmes to select biometric authentication systems.

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