About Our Customers

Our customers comprise a broad range of organisations, based in the United Kingdom and internationally. They share a similar challenge. How do they implement effective digital identification, access management and cyber security techniques to protect their assets?

Typically, we help our customers to address challenges such as:

  • the risk of unauthorised access to their systems?
  • which digital identification system is most appropriate for their needs?
  • how to enable the authentication of their employees’ emails by recipients?
  • the secure identification of their customers, employees or third party organisations in digital systems?
  • compliance with ever more complex British and International standards on electronic authentication and cyber security?
  • addressing the security concerns of multiple internal and external stakeholders?

We are completely independent in our approach to working with our customers. We have no affiliation with any of the technology suppliers’ and their solutions in the market.

We work with public and private sector organisations across a range of sectors including:

Investment Houses
Warehousing & Logistics
Public Sector
Banking & Finance
Medical & Healthcare
Energy & Utilities
Information & Communication Technology
Travel & Transport

Digital Identity Security Consultants
Identity & Access Management | Biometric Authentication & Identification | Data Encryption & Digital Signatures | Public Key Infrastructures & Directories

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