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We pursue a multi-disciplinary approach to assist organisations select the optimal digital identity authentication system. Primarily, we ensure that stakeholders’ business objectives are clearly understood and requirements for a digital identification system are articulated BEFORE candidate solutions are evaluated. We evaluate candidate solutions based upon their ability to fulfil customer requirements which include business risk, security assurance, functionality, regulatory compliance, privacy, cost, maintainability, performance usability and accessibility factors.

Our methodology, developed as part of our research conducted at the Information Security Group, Royal Holloway, University of London was validated through extensive empirical research. The electronic Identification Evaluation and Auditing System (eIDEAS®) decision support system is a software representation of our methodology, which is now being used by a variety of organisations for their digital identification authentication projects.

Our methodology, supported by our eIDEAS® system, offers a clear path through the noise and confusion which often exists in a digital identity authentication programme or project. Specifically, it can help if:

  • Stakeholders' objectives are vague, not universally agreed, unrealisable or have not been articulated.
  • The identification problem is not well understood or not appreciated; or if the underlying causes have not been researched thoroughly.
  • Stakeholders' attitudes are uncooperative or inflexible due to invested interests or organisational politics.
  • The purpose of the identity management system is not well-defined, the roles of the stakeholders are not established, the stakeholder relationships are complex or the user community acceptance criteria are vague.

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A Structured Approach for selecting Digital Identification Systems

Our methodology and eIDEAS® tool were created specifically for organisations seeking to select a digital authentication system to address their business problems. It is proven to reduce the project risks of deploying an ineffective and inefficient system.

The methodology acquires data systematically from the application context from three perspectives:

  1. The identification of stakeholders’ business objectives for a digital authentication system (typical deliverable is a business case for investment in such technology);
  2. The identification of function, performance and assurance requirements for an digital authentication system which are reconciled against the stakeholders’ objectives (typical deliverables are a business requirements document and, possibly, a Request for Information to be sent to potential suppliers); and
  3. The evaluation of digital authentication candidate solutions against the stipulated requirements (typical deliverables are qualitative assessment reports and evaluation scores for quantitative appraisals).
If you would like to understand how we could use our expertise and the eIDEAS® tool to help you address your business challenges, please contact us.

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